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Due to increased demand for applications with micro rings hair extensions in city of Thessaloniki , I am pleased to inform you for my visit and the available dates for hair extensions Thessaloniki!!

Available dates for appointments for micro rings hair extensions Thessaloniki :  2023 December 13-17

If you are interested in getting detailed information and planning your appointment, please fill in the following contact form:

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    WARNING!! The above dates are the only available appointments for city of Thessaloniki.

    For any other days please fell free and call me  at +302114124763 (Vasia Politou ) or send me your email at vasia@politouvasia.com

    Real applications of hair extensions microrings

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    The revolutionary hair extensions micro rings method that I use , includes the smaller micro-rings from the ones that have the ready-made hair extension with microrings.

    The micro rings are small rings (in same hair color) , DO NOT SLIP and DO NOT DESTROY natural hair.

    The size of the micro rings is 70% smaller than the keratin bond (hot or cold fusion).

    Have the same cost of placement by analogy with the hot fusion keratin or silicone, but provide the possibility of maintenance without the purchase of new extensions.

    Hair extensions with microrings require proper care (regardless of the quality of the extension) so that their duration exceeds up to 10 months, with proper and frequent care!!!!