Anyone can freely choose to have hair extensions SHE , applied either the same colour as their own hair, a different colour or even fantasy colours.

Presently, hair extensions SHE offers the best technique available on the market.

Making hair extensions available to all women and at times setting the pace for the latest fashion, or simply to lengthen, thicken or correct some imperfections.

Hair extensions SHE by SOCAP , a world leader in the hair industry, is able to offer a complete line of hair extension systems in order to satisfy every demand.


Leader in the hair extension sector

Synergy and sharing common values are the engine of the company . In these years we have had the opportunity to grow, affirming ourselves as leader in the landscape of hair extension and salon products .

The market goals achieved so far are the result of the constant commitment of all the people who make up our staff: technicians and qualified consultants , united by dedication and passion for your work.

Certified Quality

Company Certified ISO 9001. We guarantee products of excellent quality and exceptional manufacturing .

Respect for the environment

Attention to the environment is among our production prerogatives. We use high-end materials, processed through a production process that operates in full respect for nature .

A Team of Experts

We give priority to training to make the difference and always be at the forefront. Motivation proficiency and continuous update . These are the strengths of our team of professionals.

Innovation and Research

We pay maximum attention to research and technological innovation . These two aspects allow us to put first, the protection of the health of our customers and to be always in step with the news dictated by the fashion world. All this does not prescind from the craft vision in the processing of hair, one of the virtues handed down from the past we have treasured. The quality of She products is precisely this: the result of the continuous exchange between experience and innovative approach .

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