Find out 10 reasons why my clients choose me for their hair extensions placement .

1. Fitting time

Fitting hair extensions is a relaxed and painless process. I can and do place 100 tufts in less than 1.5 hours!!

2. Protection of natural hair

With my innovative method, the natural hair is not damaged, so your natural hair grows safely and quickly! 

3. Quality of hair extensions

I install ONLY QUALITY HAIR EXTENSIONS made from 100% natural hair. 

4. Method of hair extensions placement

The innovative method I use is the only one that applies to every type of wool from 5 cm long!

5. Natural end result

It will be our shared secret! No one will notice that you have installed hair extensions! 

6. Repositioning and hair extensions placement

The only method that allows you to reposition the same hair extensions!

7. Financial benefit

With repositioning, you have a profit 50% cheaper than the other methods that would place new hair extensions.

8. Know-how & Experience

Years of experience and the results of my applications put me at the top. Trust me. Follow my instructions and you will have perfect hair forever!

9. Service

In my place you will feel like your home. You will be comfortable, you will enjoy the process without any absolute problems and stress…

10. Professionalism

I don’t say many words. I let the result of my work and the comments of my clients speak for me 🙂

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