Several hair extensions microrings advantages that makes the hair extensions microrings method more popular than the others.

Hair extensions microrings advantages:

  • They are extremely durable and do not slip from natural hair.
  • The major advantage over the keratin fusion that the hair extension strand can repositioned with much lower cost and overall economic benefit to the whole application.
  • They do not damage the natural hair during removal or maintenance.
  • Ideal method of application for dilated scalp restorations.
  • Safe and ideal hair extender method after chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
  • Can apply even to very short hair , from 3cm long!!!
  • They are not affected by sea water or pool water and are highly recommended for the summer months.
  • Much lighter than hot or cold keratin fusion, or silicone fusion.

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My clientele includes mainly performing people (singers , actors) who ask for the perfect application and long lasting quality result.

Clients from different states of America , Europe (England , Germany , Austria , Portugal , Italy), Cyprus and Greece (Crete, Thessaloniki , Larissa , Kos , Rhodes, Tower , Korinthos , Lamia, Patra , Arta, Ioannina , Kavala, etc.) looking for me and my revolutionary method of hair extensions with micro rings!

I place hair extensions with my innovative method, that of independent microrings!

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