Hair extensions in short hair, is that possible?? Questions and answers about this topic..

The answer to the question … if Hair extensions in short hair is that possible..  it’s a yes. A big YES.

From method to method the possibilities for implementation vary, so I will only refer to my own innovative method.

The specific and innovative method that I have created in the prosthetic hair is specialized and can be applied to hair length from 3 inches!!

It is ideal in cases for hair prosthetic after chemotherapy , radiation therapy, etc.

The revolutionary hair extensions micro rings method that I use , includes the smaller micro-rings from the ones that have the ready-made hair extension with microrings.

The micro rings are small rings (in same hair color) , DO NOT SLIP and DO NOT DESTROY natural hair.

My company is the only one in this method possesses the experience needed in such demanding

applications for hair extensions in short hair.

My clientele includes mainly performing people (singers , actors) who ask for the perfect application and long lasting quality result.

Clients from different states of America , Europe (England , Germany , Austria , Portugal , Italy), Cyprus and Greece (Crete, Thessaloniki , Larissa , Kos , Rhodes, Tower , Korinthos , Lamia, Patra , Arta, Ioannina , Kavala, etc.) looking for me and my revolutionary method of hair extensions with micro rings!



The revolutionary hair extensions micro rings method that I use , includes the smaller micro-rings from the ones that have the ready-made hair extension with microrings “PRESS HERE FOR MORE”.

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