Care of hair extensions is the most important habit you must ever have !

With proper care of hair extensions you will be able to have rich and durable hair extensions for over 10 months !!!

TIPS for proper care of hair extensions with microrings.

When you showering.

  • Before showering, comb your hair with the special brush.
  • Make sure the water pressure is not too strong and too close to the micro rings.
  • Apply the shampoo and make gently moves where the micro rings are placed.
  • Rinse, taking care that there is no soap residue left at the places where the micro rings are placed
  • Apply a good quality hair conditioner so that they stay protected during the day.

When you comb your hair

  • Make sure you have the corresponding special brush for hair extensions.
  • All types of extensions need gentle and careful hairstyle for their proper maintenance.
  • Avoid hitting and pulling the micro-rings during the hairstyling.
  • Do not apply softening hair care products on the compound.
  • Don’t pull it.
  • If you notice a knot before joining contact me to inform you about it.

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My clientele includes mainly performing people (singers , actors) who ask for the perfect application and long lasting quality result.

Clients from different states of America , Europe (England , Germany , Austria , Portugal , Italy), Cyprus and Greece (Crete, Thessaloniki , Larissa , Kos , Rhodes, Tower , Korinthos , Lamia, Patra , Arta, Ioannina , Kavala, etc.) looking for me and my revolutionary method of hair extensions with micro rings!

I place hair extensions with my innovative method, that of independent microrings!



Samples of applications made with my innovative method, that of independent hair extensions micro rings…




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