The best hair extensions ! Before you take the expensive plunge it is really important to do your research so that you are confident you are getting the perfect product. 

Here some questions you should be asking before going ahead.

Remy and European

So we are looking at the absolute bottom end of the scale. Probably 80% of what is available in today’s market is European and Remy best hair extensions. In some cases it is called Russian, Indian as well so it is really hard to know what you’re getting.
This hair is usually Asian. As you can imagine Asian hair is thick, course and straight. It is then acid washed to remove colour, texture and the cuticle, then coloured and silicone coated. When it is new it feels beautiful and silky, then after a few washes the silicone coated washes away and you are left with a matted, dry

Virgin Russian hair / Caucasian

A rare and delicate hair type that is so rare it’s quite expensive.

Authentic Russian hair does NOT come in a packet and is usually provided as a custom order and in hand made wefts.

Prices are in the thousands so if they say it’s Authentic Russian and doesn’t cost you a bomb then it’s not Russian. This hair will last 12+ months and is silky and tangle free. Beautiful hair but extremely expensive.

How to avoid buying low quality hair

The best way is to ask questions and see examples. You need to see examples of what the hair looks like after it has been worn for several months, not what it looks like when it is brand new. Feel the worn hair and ensure you ask your extensions specialist to clarify that the hair is the highest quality.

We have attached a picture of what low grade hair looks like. We have removed this type of hair from numerous clients that have told us that this hair was less than 3 months old.

Choose a reputable salon

When doing your research, make sure the salon has a good reputation. Look for reviews, social media posts (examples of their work) anything you can find that shows how committed they are at offering good quality work. When calling them ensure they have time to take your call and answer any questions you have directly and honestly.

This might sound silly but go with your gut, a women’sintuition is usually right.

Understand the costs involved

Best hair extension prices vary from salon to salon so it is really hard to understand what costs you are up for.

Unfortunately the lower the price doesn’t mean you get some extra discount, so keep that in mind. You will need to make sure you can afford the luxury of having extensions, so ensure your budget can afford:
Initial installation costs: This service will be your most expensive.

The service should include: installation costs, cut and styling, and your new set of hair.

Reinstallation/ Servicing Costs:

Best hair extensions need maintenance at least every 6-8 weeks. Ensure you can afford the up keep of maintaining them.

Hair Products/Brushes:

Using the right hair products for your extensions is imperative , like EXBRUSH

Using the right products will ensure your extensions perform to their maximum potential.

Samples of best hair extensions applications made with my innovative method, that of independent extensions micro rings…

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