Here you can read the scheduled appointment policy, and the cancellation policy that is in force in my company.

Scheduled cancellation procedure

The process of canceling an appointment has been created with the aim of immediately informing the company regarding the change of the program and its smooth operation.

The information from the client is necessary so that the calendar of scheduled appointments is updated and displays correct availability.

By following the instructions you help in the smooth operation, you show trust and respect in our cooperation and facilitate any extraordinary additions that have been requested.

If you wish to cancel your appointment:

-You are obliged to inform our company by phone( 2114124763 ) or via mail through contact form at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

-Due to the workload and large number of messages we receive daily on social networks, avoid sending a message about the cancellation you want as your message may not appear immediately and create a problem with your scheduled appointment.

-In case of cancellation you will be informed by our company for the next available appointment that exists based on our calendar.

-Repeated cancellations without notice will be considered unscrupulous and will not be served in the future.

– Advance orders will NOT be refunded for cancellations that have not been notified before, under the cancellation process.

If you have an appointment, here are the protection measures you should follow.

Before you visit me:

– If you have any symptoms (fever, malaise, etc.) you must inform, even cancel the appointment you have made.

– It is explicitly forbidden for an attendant to stay at work.

– Strict adherence to the appointment and arrival time.

During your visit within the space:

– The use of a mask is mandatory.

– Disinfect your hands with antiseptic when you enter..

– You and everyone else in the salon should keep a safe distance

My company reserves the right to change the appointment cancellation policy at any time, without any absolute notice.